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Pieces of the Moon

by Stephen Brooke

Stephen Brooke’s first book of poetry includes some of his best earlier work, including national and regional award winners. With pen and ink illustrations by the author.

"I so love my copy of this book!”  ~ Bettina Makley

6” x 9”, 48 pages, black and white illustrations

PRINT: 9.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-05-9

EPUB: 1.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-01-1

published in 2003


by Stephen Brooke

The third book of poetry from Stephen Brooke, these poems and vignettes are the stories of a life, retold.

The pieces in this book are roughly chronological, and grouped in ‘acts’ accordingly, carrying the poet from Ohio and southern Florida to, eventually, the Florida Panhandle where he now resides.

With pen and ink illustrations by the author

6” x 9”, 70 pages, black and white illustrations

PRINT: 9.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-10-3

EPUB:  1.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-09-7

published in 2013


by Stephen Brooke

To sleep: perchance to dream

This is a book of dreams: dreams of love, dreams of darkness, dreams of life and death. Dream with the poet through these pages, through these poems.

The second book of poetry from Stephen Brooke, Dreamwinds features some of his more fantastic and romantic work. With illustrations by the author.

6” x 9”, 68 pages, black and white illustrations

PRINT: 9.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-03-5

EPUB: 1.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-04-2

published in 2011

The Tower

by Stephen Brooke

“For I dream, and dream again.”

A quest. A distant tower, a distant dream. Journey with these poems across star-lit plains and sky-kissed mountains, to the furthest marches of reality.

Seek into the dawn and over the sea for oracles and signs, for meanings and symbols. Seek THE TOWER.

A collection of poetry from Stephen Brooke

6” x 9”, 80 pages,

PRINT: 9.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-27-1

EPUB:  1.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-26-4

published in 2015

Fields of Summer

by Stephen Brooke

Will you taste July

with me? It promises

to be sweeter this year

than any I have known.

Visit the fields we remember, the fields we walked in summers past. We knew joy there, we knew regret, and both have faded now into the golden hazes of memory.

The Fields of Summer wait for our return. A collection of poems by Stephen Brooke.

6 x 9, 96 pages

PRINT: 10.99   ISBN 978-1-937745-35-6

EPUB:   1.99   ISBN 978-1-937745-36-3

published in 2016

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by Stephen Brooke

The wind on the prairie, the wind on the sea...

These are poems and songs of sea and of land, of yearning for distant horizons and the welcoming hearths of home. Voyage with poet Stephen Brooke across the known and unknown. Visit the fog-shrouded ports, the wide plains rising to vast sky-touching mountains. Glimpse uncharted jungle coasts and those once familiar in the days of youth.

Life is made of such VOYAGES. A collection of poems from Stephen Brooke.

6 x 9, 78 pages



coming November 2017